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Routine Eye Exams

Patients want two things from their contact lenses: all-day comfort and accurate vision. Achieving these two qualities requires an individual approach to each and every contact lens fitting and a professional who can match the correct contact lens with the physical characteristic and anatomy of your eyes. Unlike other chains, we do not let a corporate office dictate what lenses our eye doctors use. We fit the lens that is right for the patient.

Our optometrists perform the most thorough exam of your eyes to find the contact lens that will provide you with comfortable wear and excellent vision.


Our doctors perform the following with each and every contact lens evaluation:

A phoroptor used in eye exams
  • Utilize specialized diagnostic equipment that measures 8,000 points of your eye to create a map of the your eye.

  • Lifestyle and patient needs analysis.

  • Slit lamp observation.

  • Tear flow analysis (extremely important for comfort).

  • Corneal integrity evaluation.

  • Corneal sensitivity evaluation.

  • Corneal curvature evaluation.

  • Eyelid evaluation.

  • Allergy evaluation for contact lens material compatibility.

  • Medical considerations/contraindications for wear.

  • Prescription considerations.

  • Eye aperture size measurements.

  • Vertex distance conversation.

  • Diagnostic lens selection.

  • Lens application.

  • Adaption follow up.

  • Lens positioning, centration and movement.

  • Visual acuity.

  • Lens care and handling.

  • Techniques and tips on application and removal.

  • Cleaning, storage and disinfection.

  • Advice for usage with makeup and cosmetics.

  • Progress evaluations.

  • Address questions in office or by phone.

  • Patient Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ask yourself, would your rather have a complete evaluation from eyecarecenter Centers, or would you rather have a doctor only use the same lens for every patient? Schedule an appointment today and let our doctors find the contact lens that is right for you!